DelConte Packaging: Blister Packaging

  • Blisters may offer a better view of your product since they are contoured to the shape of the product.


  • Blisters are heat sealed to special blister cards that contain your art work.



    Blisters are commonly used for displaying products of lighter weight.



    • Cost efficient
    • Secure
    • Display rack friendly

    Blister Packaging

    Blister pack is a term for several types of pre-formed plastic packaging used for small consumer goods, foods, and for pharmaceuticals.


    Blister Sealers perform the following process:
    * Transparent thermoplastic form (that is specifically shaped to hold the product) is put into the tooling, * Products are placed into the plastic * A Paperboard card (with a heat activated coating) or foil is put on top of the packed product, * Heat is applied to make the card/foil and plastic and sealed to become a single or multiple packages, ready for shipment and display at the point of sale.


    We offer a wide variety of in-stock tooling to meet your configuration needs of the blister packs. Visit us today and request a free blister packaging quote today.

    DelConte Packaging, Inc.
    Blister Packaging Display

    DelConte Packaging is a premier producer of thermoformed plastics and a leader in contract packaging in the Southeastern United States.


    Blister Packaging Design:


    When it comes to design, our industry specific knowledge puts us in a unique position as a thermo former and blister packaging—for most devices there isn't the typical disconnect between the understanding of our designers and our clients, allowing us to get our customers what they need, faster and more accurately.


    With our advanced thermoforming processes we have been able to offer our clients reliability, durability, and quality assurance down to the most minute detail.


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    Clamshell Packaging

    If you require clamshell packaging, a blister pack, a plastic tray, or any other custom thermoformed package, DelConte's Packaging exists to make your life easier.

    Blister Packaging

    Plastic blisters are a way of packaging that may offer a better view of your product since they are contoured to the shape of your product.

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