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DelConte's Packaging mold facility produces tooling that is milled in-house by experienced personnel. This ability provides you with lower costs and reduced lead times for retail display packaging. Preview

DelConte Packaging is widely known as a full service contract packager.



From design to tooling to forming to packaging, we will work closely with you to produce packaging that will enhance your sales. Preview
Once our staff has a complete understanding of your packaging objectives, we can provide creative solutions to keep you abreast in an ever changing retail display market.

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DelConte Packaging, Inc.
Packaging Q & A

DelConte Packaging is a premier producer of thermoformed plastics and a leader in contract packaging in the Southeastern United States.


Q: Do I need blister or clamshell packaging?
A: This depends on the size of the product, display preference and your anticipated retail price.
Q: How will my order be shipped?
A: We can use any carrier you designate or FOB DelConte in Hialeah, Florida via the best way.
Q: How do we determine lead time?
A: Usual lead time varies from 2 to 4 weeks.
Q: What if there are several components to my product?
A: We will design packaging to hold each component securely within an overall package.
Q: Will the packaging conform to the retail store specifications?
A: Yes. Our packages have been displayed at the retail level for over 32 years.
Q: How can I get the best price?
A: Our prices are extremely competitive. The packaging industry standard is generally based on the quantity of the order.
Q: Why can DelConte Packaging accommodate my time frame when others cannot?
A: Many packaging manufacturers use the "combo run" method. This means that they wait until they have several similar orders with the same dimensions, then run them all at the same time.
Q: Do you use recycled material?
A: No, we do not. Experience has taught us that virgin material meets the customer's expectations as to clarity, appearance and durability.
Q: Do you recycle your scrap material?
A: Yes, we do. We understand the concerns for recycling and its impact on the environment.
Q: Can I get a prototype of my packaging before placing an order?
A: Yes. There is a minimal charge for the prototype, however, if an order is forthcoming, that charge is credited against the order.

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Packaging Types Include:


Clamshell Packaging,
Blister Packaging,
Clubstore Packaging,
Retail Packaging Display,
POP Display Packaging and more...

Clamshell Packaging

If you require clamshell packaging, a blister pack, a plastic tray, or any other custom thermoformed package, DelConte's Packaging exists to make your life easier.

Blister Packaging

Plastic blisters are a way of packaging that may offer a better view of your product since they are contoured to the shape of your product.

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