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DelConte Plastic Packging provides highest quality flexible packaging printing.



Plastics are the most important class of packaging materials
DelConte Packaging provides high quality flexible plastic packaging and personal service at competitive prices.
• Cost efficient
• Secure
• Display rack friendly

Plastic Packaging

DelConte Packaging is a Leading Manufacturer of High Quality Injection-Molded Plastic Containers in Florida of High Quality Injection-Molded Plastic Containers.


Supermarket: Injection-molded polyethylene and polypropylene containers and lids are ideal for packaging and merchandising fresh, frozen, hot, or cold foods. Unlike paper and foam products, DelConte Packaging Inc. containers give customers a clear view of what's inside, while leaving foods free of any aftertaste.

Tamper Resistant: Convenient break tabs keep food fresh and safe from tampering until the consumer wants it out.

Non-Food Applications: From toys and games to small clothing items, we have produced containers for: paint mixing cups, fashion accessories, hair products, ice buckets, toys and pet food. Put your imagination to work.

DelConte Packaging, Inc. Plastic Packaging

DelConte Packaging is a premier producer of thermoformed plastics and a leader in contract packaging in the Southeastern United States.


Plastic Packaging Design:


DelConte Packaging serves flexible packaging needs of a growing number of manufactures serving but not limited to the following markets:
* Food Products
* Confections
* Lawn & Garden
* Health and Personal Care
* Consumer Products and Much more....


Today's plastics can be shaped in thousands of ways to serve myriad purposes, from air bags to cell phones. This adaptability serves today's packaging needs, from merchandising to product protection to recycling.

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Clamshell Packaging

If you require clamshell packaging, a blister pack, a plastic tray, or any other custom thermoformed package, DelConte's Packaging exists to make your life easier.

Blister Packaging

Plastic blisters are a way of packaging that may offer a better view of your product since they are contoured to the shape of your product.

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