DelConte Insert Trays Packaging

Insert trays for tools, cosmetics, medical products, and food items are manufactured at DelConte Packaging.



DelConte Packaging is widely known as a full service contract packager.



From design to tooling to forming to packaging, we will work closely with you to produce packaging that will enhance your sales.



Once our staff has a complete understanding of your packaging objectives, we can provide creative solutions to keep you abreast in an ever changing retail display market.

Retail Packaging Trays Display

DelConte Packaging is a big believer in packaging that is not just "shelf ready" but rather "retail ready" throughout the supply chain. Toward that end, the firm is guided by what it calls The Five Easys:

• Easy to recognize in the warehouse within 2 seconds
• Easy to open in less than 5 seconds
• Easy to replenish with only one touch
• Easy to shop
• Easy to collapse/break down in 2 seconds


Trust in our guaranteed quality, delivery, fast and friendly customer service and competitive pricing to give your product the edge it needs.

DelConte Packaging, Inc.
Insert Trays

DelConte Packaging is a premier producer of thermoformed plastics and a leader in contract packaging in the Southeastern United States.

Insert Trays Packaging

Insert Trays are contoured to firmly hold your product within a container. It is an excellent method when you have 2 or more items that are packaged together. Insert trays allow for the transporting of your product with cost effectiveness and protection in mind. They may be thermoformed in plastic or flock in a variety of colors.Plastic insert trays for tools, cosmetics, medical products, and food items.Our tool trays effectively hold tools or other items in position for best display value.


Die Cut Foam

Die cut foam is used for protection in packaging. It can be cut to the same size and shape of your product to provide light-weight protection. It can also be used as a contoured padding for your product. Both methods provide excellent protection.


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Clamshell Packaging

If you require clamshell packaging, a blister pack, a plastic tray, or any other custom thermoformed package, DelConte's Packaging exists to make your life easier.

Blister Packaging

Plastic blisters are a way of packaging that may offer a better view of your product since they are contoured to the shape of your product.

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